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2021 NICHQ Sickle Cell Disease Congressional Report – NCSCC Highlighted on Pg. 38


Fineman, S., Sacknoff, Gopal, S., Baker, J. (2022, July) Improving Health Equity: PA’s Role in Providing Comprehensive Care for Adults with Sickle Cell Disease in Outpatient Clinics. CAPA Magazine, 14-15.

Sacknoff, S., Groesbeck, J., Baker, J., & Gopal, S. (2022, January). How a Physician Assistant Can Improve Access and Quality of Care for Adults with Sickle Cell Disease. CAPA Magazine, 20–21.

Fineman, S., Sacknoff, S., Bastas, J., Baker, J. (2022, April) PA Training Innovation Promotes Equity for Sickle Cell. CAPA Magazine, 14-15.