Center for Inherited Blood Disorders (CIBD)

Principal Investigator: Diane Nugent, MD at

Workforce Development: Judith Baker, DrPH, MHSA at

Outreach & Education RFA & Administration: Shalini Vora, MPH at

Sickle Cell Disease Foundation

Co-Principal Investigator: Mary E. Brown at

Implementation Strategist: Jennifer Fields, MPH at

Patient Engagement: Jennifer Fields, MPH at

CHW Training Consultant: Tina Coleman, MPH at

Director of Newborn Screening Program: Marlene Espinoza, MPH at

Director of Education: Deborah Green at

Director of Family Programs: Portia Langdon at

Policy and Sustainability Consultant: (Retired Capt.) Diahann Williams, MHS at

Tracking California - Surveillance & Data Collection

Program Director: Susan Paulukonis, MA, MPH at

Project Specialist: Niani Coker, MPH, CHES at

Health Educator: Daniel Madrigal, MPH at

Data and Analysis Lead: Jhaqueline Valle, MPH at